"There are only two things in life you can control - attitude and effort."

Coach Rick Jones





Santa Cruz - Masters Cup

This is one of the most prestigious courses we play on. It’s a very challenging course where you have to navigate tight lines and be able to land your discs softly and at the right angles on the greens. My Pa3’s are extremely helpful out here since they are one of the best throwing putters on the market. My F5’s also come in handy for delicate fairway shots. I can’t emphasize enough how you have to be putting well on this course because you will often find yourself in a circle. In the second round of the tournament, I shot a got round for the day pushing me to the lead card for the final round. This is exactly where I want to be on the final day. I pushed for the lead but fell just short, placing third. Overall, it’s a great feeling to be on the podium at such a prestigious tournament.

Portland Open

Simply put, Portland Open was all about the D2. Whether I’m smashing it backhand, forehand, or a roller, a lot of this tournament rides on how well I’m throwing my D2’s. There were a lot of strong points of my playing at this course. I was first in circle 1 in regulation, birdie %, and scrambles. My second round was my lowest score and I felt great going into the last round on the lead card. I played a solid final round, but just didn’t have  I finished tied for fourth with Calvin Heimburg. Portland, and Oregon in general, is an awesome place to explore and adventure. The day after the tournament Luke Humphries, Jake Hebenheimer, and I traveled to Tillamook to search for Carnelian agates. If you’re interested in hearing more about this adventure, you can check out the video on Luke’s YouTube channel.


Worlds is the most important tournament that we have the opportunity to play. There is constant pressure from the start to the finish. Five rounds take a lot of focus, mental, and physical stamina. I was feeling so motivated and prepared for this first round of Worlds and every consecutive round after. The main goal was to keep me on the hunt every day which I successfully did. The final round is something I will never forget. Every single shot was crucial straight from the beginning. As we were coming down the stretch, I was exhilarated to be playing this game at the highest level possible. These are the moments I dream about. On hole 14, I found myself scrambling for par. I was out of position and had to resort to a grenade that had to travel as far straight up as it needed to carry forward. I executed that shot well and walked away with a par and knowing my hopes were still alive. However, I had some unfortunate breaks on hole 16 which would make it extremely hard to come back and win against James Conrad and Paul McBeth who we’re both playing extremely well. How hole 18 played out will be talked about in disc golf history forever.  I still get chills about James’ shot as I’m writing this. I am so honored to have been on the card when that happened. I know I and most everyone else will be rewatching that shot and all the reactions for a long time!

Motivated & Confident

I’ve never been more in love with this sport and dedicated to this game as I am right now.